On January 23, 2005 the Young Guns Bull Riding Series was formed by CEO Buck Fontenot. who hired Chris Stewart, Chris "Weasel" Forrest, and Carl Sellitti Jr. to aid in the small upstart series. Initially the Association was meant for entry level riders with little experience in the sport of Bull Riding. 

     Ten Events were scheduled by the Rodeo Promoter, Buck Fontenot, a retired Bull Rider from Louisiana. After only four events. The Young Guns Association was told that there would be no more events due to the lack of funding. 

     A meeting between the small membership was held to discuss the issue of a season that had already begun but was lacking the funds to finish. In one amazing act of unselfishness, the SSBR (Southern States Bull Riding assoc.) was born. Carl Sellitti Jr, Chris Stewart and Chris "Weasel" Forrest combined their resources along with two stock contractors, two Bullfighters, two Judges, twenty Bull Riders, one production sound man and many others that help contribute to the completion of the 2005 Season. It was agreed that completing something that had started was more important than money, and so it was decided that the last six events would be held in Port Charlotte, Florida at the Charlotte County Fairgrounds. The new membership of the SSBR would go on to volunteer their own time and resources to the success of the last six events with all the profits going back to the SSBR Itself for the the benefit of its members. The Season continued as the Southern States Bull Riding assoc, and continue on they did. The 2005 Season was a success out of team work and dedication to a single cause, to create something better, created by the Bull Riding Athletes themselves. The SSBR itself started with great success due to one simple fact, money was not the driving factor, only the pure love of the sport brough everyone together for one simple goal. The 2005 Season would the foundation that would soon become a far bigger version than anyone could have expected.

     In 2011 the SSBR once again found itself moving forward. Business entrepeneur and retired World Class Pro Bull Fighter, Byron McIntosh purchased the SSBR bringing many new concepts and ideas for the sport of Bull Riding. He wasted no time bringing the SSBR Finals event to Palmetto, Fl. with larger prize money and awards. The event has been widely recognize as a great success due to the great team work of the SSBR and Conley Buick GMC, the events host promoter.

     Today the SSBR is one of the most well known organizations in the Country attracting thousands of spectators, big corporate sponsors, and some of the most elite Athletes in the World to its Tours.

     Although the SSBR has grown into one of the largest Organizations in the South, the same traditions from the 2005 season still stand as the back bone to its success, team work and dedication.

Below are the Original Members of the SSBR
2005 SSBR Finals
February 12,2006
2005 Pt. Charlotte,Fl

top row/ left to right- Chris Lee, Kenny Kreiter, Jay Grimsly, Tim Plunkett, Russel Chyle
Center Row- Carl Sellitti Jr,Brad Tritschler,Chris Stewart,Cody Milburn,Garrette Haskins,Bubba Predmore,Craig Lowell,Cody Lamberton,Shannon Brass,Leroy Seaborn,Chris Hunt, Reb Stillwagner
Bottom Row- Renato Texieria, Travis Hutter, Drek Alday, Jordan Ostermecki, Travis Mack, Donnie Newman, Jason Wade,Tosh Barfield, Drew Carmicheal, NA, Eddie Bressman, Bobby Rassario
not picture : Weasel Forrest, Sammy Boyette, Doug Walker, Ray Ramon, Ernesto Franco

First SSBR Event was held in November of 2005

Above from Left to Right- 2005 SSBR Pres. Carl Sellitti Jr. , 3rd Place / TIm Plunkett, 1st Place and 2005 SSBR Champion/ Jason Wade, 2nd Place/ Russel Chyle

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