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The New SSBR
       The SSBR was taken over by retired Pro Bullfighter, Byron McIntosh in 2011, and has seen another transformation in its seven year History. I have been fortunate enough to be around this great organization in one way or another since day 1, and have seen all its ups and downs for everyday of it. The SSBR turned over the reins in 2011 to someone that has the credentials to take it to another level and that level was called “professionalism” and no one knows more about “professionalism” than ,Byron McIntosh, who has worked for, with and competed against some of the best in the business for the past two decades. McIntosh began his career in the 80’s as a Pro Bull Rider in Davie, Fl. where he met his mentor, Legendary Rodeo Cowboy and Bull Man,  “David Morgan” who was considered one of the best all around rodeo cowboys in the business. McIntosh as a teenager spent many days listening and learning the ways of the Rodeo World from Morgan. Morgan was the first to recognize McIntosh’s no fear attitude around Livestock that would soon transform McIntosh into one of the most dominated Bull Fighters in the Rodeo world.  With the support of David Morgan, McIntosh began is Bullfighting career and quickly advance into the most Elite Level of the Sport to this day “the Wrangler Bullfights Series “ where McIntosh quickly made a name for himself, by his true no B.S. attitude and willingness to go head to head with any animal on earth, without hesitating. Prior to McIntosh working for Harry Vold, Vold ask McIntosh, if he brought "Crooked Nose" ( the most notorius fighting bull in the 90's) to fight and sell the show, would he fight him, McIntosh just replied to Vold “Ill fight anything you have, if I cant get around him than I don't deserve to be there”. Apparently Vold liked his answer, because McIntosh was soon working at some of the biggest PRCA Events in the Country including, the American Royal Rodeo in Kansas City and protecting cowboys like Ty Murry,  Adam Carillo,Gilbert Carillo, Terry Don West, and many others. McIntosh went on to work Pro Rodeos for Harper and Morgan Rodeo, Barnes Rodeo Co. and Harry Vold. McIntosh dominate the Wrangler Bullfights by winning every round in the mid 90’s, but his career was put on hold after sustaining a season ending broken leg during a Wrangler Bullfights, “McIntosh was surely on his way to winning his first NFR World Championship when the injury occurred” , A quote from 5x World Champion ”Rob Smets”. McIntosh would soon rehabilitate himself back into shape and continue is career again. McIntosh was nominated to over 10 different Rodeo and Bull Riding Finals including the PRCA, IPRA, and SPBR.  After a Career ending injury in the mid 2000’s McIntosh went into the Bull business, owning and raising some of the best bucking bulls In the South. McIntosh’s bulls were seen at many of the top events in the State of Florida, including a few PBR events. McIntosh then decided to join the SSBR in 2009 as the SSBR’s Bullfighting Academy Instructor. In 2010 McIntosh was elected the SSBR’s 4th President and started many new programs for the young organization, including a more organized approval process for members and events. This new concept would soon elevate the SSBR’s level of Professionalism that would later prove to be a very important part of the new SSBR. In 2011 McIntosh saw great potential for the SSBR and purchased the organization and became its President and CEO and began implementing the concept “that Quality Is more important than Quantity” and as McIntosh began to trim the amount of the events to only the sports highest level of productions and associate himself with the sport’s top producers and personnel, it was evident that his strict approval process was working in regards to Quality and Professionalism. McIntosh stated “I owe it to the members and fans of the SSBR to ensure the highest level of Professionalism, and I will not compromise that for anything”.  So as someone who has been around since day one and have seen all its ups and downs, I can truly say this is one of the ups and love to see this type of leadership involved with a sport that really needs it.
Below are the Original Members of the SSBR
2005 SSBR Finals
February 12,2006
2005 Pt. Charlotte,Fl

top row/ left to right- Chris Lee, Kenny Kreiter, Jay Grimsly, Tim Plunkett
Center Row- Carl Sellitti Jr,Brad Tritschler,Chris Stewart,Cody Milburn,Garrette Haskins,Bubba Predmore,Craig Lowell,Cody Lamberton,Shannon Brass,Leroy Seaborn,Chris Hunt, Reb Stillwagner
Bottom Row- Renato Texieria, Travis Hutter,Donnie Summer, Jordan Ostermecki, Travis Mack, Donnie Newman, Jason Wade,Tosh Barfield, Drew Carmicheal, Eddie Bressman, Bobby Rassario
not picture : Weasel Forrest, Sammy Boyette, Doug Walker, Ray Ramon, Ernesto Franco

FIrst SSBR Event was held in November of 2005

Above from Left to Right- 2005 SSBR Pres. Carl Sellitti Jr. , 3rd Place / TIm Plunkett, 1st Place and 2005 SSBR Champion/ Jason Wade, 2nd Place/ Russel Chyles

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