The SSBR made its first stop of the second half of 2014 season at the Okeechobee Cattlemens Labor Day Rodeo. The Okeechobee Cattlemens arena has a lot of tradition and is one of the oldest Rodeos and arenas in Florida. It was good to go back to the "old school" way of rodeo and be a part of the Heritage in Okeechobee. The veteran bull rider Michael Riggs was the SSBR champion and another veteran Brian Courson took 2nd place. Michael Riggs is only a few points away from taking the number one spot in the SSBR standings. Riggs travels hard and it shows in his riding and effort. This year Riggs has competed from Houston Texas at the Famous Houston Livestock show and Rodeo to the Badlands in North and South Dakota down into Florida and many events in between. Riggs also placed in the PRCA Bull riding at Okeechobee so he had a good weekend. The only other man to cover his bull in the SSBR was Brian Courson. Courson qualified for the 2005 PBR Finals and has been on bulls like Little Yellow Jacket so he knows what it takes to get the job done. They say in bull riding father time catches up to you but Riggs and Courson are proving that is not the case this year. It is great to see the effort these veterans put out against the bulls of The Silver Spurs that rained supreme this weekend.
The Okeechobee Cattlemans and Silver Spurs Club did a great job renovating the arena and bringing old school rodeo back to Okeechobee.
     CBR,PRCA, and SSBR Bull fighter Matt Baldwin and SSBR Finals and PRCA bull fighter Buddy Bush did a great job fighting bulls this past weekend along with NFR Barrelman Rockin Robbie Hodges. Trent McCfarland kept the capacity crowd entertained and the fans enjoyed a great Rodeo. It is also good to see a lot of the young guns like Nick Kazmar, Michael Castelli and there traveling partners going to SSBR events. The next stop on the 2014 SSBR Tour is Davie Florida September 6 at 7.30 pm at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds. This is always a great event for the whole family. After Davie we will be heading to Hamilton Georgia September 12,13 at 8pm. Hamilton is in the Georgia mountains and the weather is always nice and cool to give everyone a break from the summer heat. We will see you all there.
Michael Riggs / Claxton,Ga. 69
Brian Courson / Auburndale,Fl. 67

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June 27,28 / Davie,FL./2014
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Sept 6/ Davie,Fl./2014
Sept 12,13/ Hamilton,Ga./2014
Oct. 10 / Okeechobee,Fl./2014
Oct. 17,18/ Indiantown.Fl/2014
Oct. 24/ Pierson,FL/2014
Nov. 21,22/ Inverness,FL/2014
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