SSBR Rules and Regulations


Liability –
Assumption of risk and release of liability. This is a release of liability. By becoming a member of the SSBR, you are agreeing to release the SSBR and other parties from liability. Please read this carefully. Members acknowledge that bull riding events, including SSBR sanctioned events, are inherently dangerous activities. Members further acknowledge that participation in a SSBR sanctioned event( whether as a competitor,  independent contractor, official laborer, volunteer, or observer) exposes the participant to substantial and serious hazards of property damage, personal injury and/ or death. Each member, in consideration of his membership in the SSBR and his being permitted to participate in a SSBR sanctioned event in any capacity, does by such membership and participation agree to assume such hazards and risks.  Each member further
 agrees to discharge, waive, release and  covenant not to sue the SSBR, SSBR properties, all SSBR sponsors, all members( including, without limitations, contestants, stock contractors, rodeo committees, rodeo producers, contract personnel, and any other SSBR- sanctioned event production entities). Each  party’s respective officers, directors, employees, and agents from all claims, demands, and liabilities that are known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen, future and contingent, and includes claims, demands, and liabilities arising out of negligence of the parties so released by such member. Further more, where permitted by applicable law, this discharge, waiver, and release also includes claims, demands, and liabilities by a member for indemnities and contributions arising from property damage, personal injury and or  death to a third party. In the event that any provision of this discharge, waiver, and release is determined to be invalid for any reason, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of any other provisions, which other  provisions shall remain in full force and effect as this discharge, had been executed with the invalid provisions eliminated. The undertakings and covenants of the foregoing provisions shall be binding upon each member, his of heirs, legal representatives, successors, and assigns. 

Bull Riders/ Contestants/Conract Personnel

1) Membership

1A) Card Holders:

1)  Card holders get preference during call-in for events, as alternates for  an  event, and filling a hole at an event in the occasion that another rider does not show up.

2)  Card and Permit holders will accumulate points during the SSBR Season, but must have purchased a card prior to the SSBR Finals for points to count for year end awards. (The SSBR Season goes from January 1st - December 31st of each calendar year) The SSBR Finals event points are added to the Season Tour points to determine year end awards winners.
    A. Qualifications for Tour Series Awards
         1. Must have a card prior to the SSBR Finals Event
         2. Must have ridden in at least one SSBR Sanctioned event during the SSBR Season for that calendar Tour Year
             (January 1st - December 31st)
         3. Rookie Status - A rookie is determined to be a rider that has competed in at least one event during the SSBR 
             Tour Season (Jan. 1st - Dec. 31st) as a first time card holder.

3)  Card holders must abide by SSBR rules and regulations
4) Card Holders will be elligible for the SSBR Finals before consideration is given to non- card holders or permit holders

1B) Permits:

Any permit holder that wins $250.00 or more at a SSBR Event will have the $200.00 card/ membership fee deducted from thier prize money and will then be eligible for the SSBR FInals that year

1) Any rider who is not a card holder must purchase a one day Permit Card for $20 the day of the event in order to participate.

2) Permit riders DO NOT have preference over a Card Holder.

3) During call-in, a rider that is riding on a Permit Card will be put on an alternate list until the call-in is over. At that time, if there are any holes open, then the permit rider will be entered into the event.

4) Permit Holders can accumulate points , but will not have Finals eligibility or be considered for any awards if card is not purchased by end of the calender year Decmeber 31st.

5) Permit Holders must abide by SSBR rules and regulations

6) Any Permit Holder that enters an SSBR Event, and wins over $250 , that contestants $200 membership fee will be taken out of the prize money.

2) Equipment

1. Legal bull ropes will include American and Brazilian made ropes.

2. All SSBR contestants must wear a protective vest. If any contestant refuses to do so, his bull will be turned out and his entry fee will remain in the pot.

3. Spur rowels cannot be altered in any way. Directors and Judges can check spurs any time at any given event.

3) Entry Fees / Added Money:

1.  Riders must have their entry fees paid no later than 1 hour before the start of an event.

2. If a rider is going to be late, they may have some one else pay their entry fee for them. However, if the rider does not have their rope on their bull by the time they are ready to open the gate, their bull will be turned out and their entry fees will be forfiet and remain in the pot.

3. See rule (9B) for payouts rules
4) Fines:


2) If a rider would like to dispute their fine – they may contact the SSBR and explain why they are disputing their fine. The SSBR will then meet and discuss the situation and make a decision. At that time the person will be contacted with their final decision

4A) Equipment Violation:         

1)  First offense: $50.00 fine

2)  Second offense: $100.00 fine and 1 month suspension

3)  Third offense: $500.00 fine and possible suspension upon further review by board of directors.
4B) Verbal / Non Verbal misconduct: 

Verbal / Non Verbal misconduct is considered arguing or slander toward directors, riders, or any other SSBR personnel. This can also include cussing in the arena during an event, inappropriate behavior in front of spectators (especially children), being verbally abusive during call-in, or any other behavior found intolerable.

1) First offense: $100.00 fine and 3 event suspension

2) Second offense: indenfinite suspension with case review
4C) Physical misconduct:

The SSBR WILL NOT, under any circumstances, tolerate any type of physical misconduct before, during, or after an event on the same grounds that an event is being held. A fine of $500.00 will be issued and upon further review by the board of directors the rider could be suspended and or terminated.

4D) Riders
There will be no Drinking Alcohal or Smoking during SSBR Events. 

4D) Notified turnouts:

1) Rider Must must notify the SSBR by 12pm the Monday before the event for a notified turnout

2) Injury Turnout - one month manditory out of competition, unless a doctors note is sent into the SSBR. ( Docter notes must be turned into the SSBR Office no later than 3 days after that event in which the rider Doctor released out of.
4E) Turnout Fines

4E1)  Notified Turnouts - no fine

4E2) Non Notified Turnouts - Entry fees + $100- first offense / 2nd offense- $200 + entry fees / 3rd offense- $500 + entry fees + 6 month suspension pending a review by the SSBR 

4F) Producers/Commitees
Note- this is an extention of rule 1 in the SSBR handbook

4F1) Producers will be responsible for maintaining the rules/regulations of its contract personnel for each and every event.

4F2) All personnel working in direct contact with Livestock must follow all rules and regulations set by the SSBR with consideration for animal welfare.
Personnel inside the designated Area of the Production Crew, Bucking Chutes, Rodeo / Bull Riding Arena, Back pens. will be the responsibility of the Producer to maintain that each and every persons has completed a current non paying SSBR membership release of waiver.

4F4) The producer will be responsible for fines set by the SSBR regarding the failure of this Regulation.


1st offense - $50
2nd offense - $100

3rd offense  - $200

Refusal to follow the above membership regulation may result in a suspension upon a Board review.
4f5) the SSBR will enforce, but not be financially responsible for any errors made by the event secretaries, or Producer  in regards to, but not limited to ; rider payouts, Contract personel wages, Producer contracts with vendors, sponsors, facility etc.(the event Producer will be held liable for all financal discrepencies at any SSBR Sanctioned events).  

5) Alternates:

1) Alternates will be taken during call-in for each event.

2)  Alternates that are Card Holders are to be taken before alternates that are riding on a Permit.

3) In the event that a rider calls out of an event, an alternate will be contacted to take his/her place.

4) If it is less than 1 hour before an event and a rider has not paid their fees, alternates are to be taken.                                    

6) Finals Requirements     

1) The SSBR Tour Champion will be determined by the total accumulated points for the entire SSBR season.  (see rule 1A Card holders)

7) Judging:

1)   If a bull is not cooperating in the chute, it must be tried 2 times before a judge will declare a re-ride.
2)  In the event a bull fouls itself, a rider must declare himself in a safe spot or time. This rule applies if the rider is not fouled off the bull.
3)  In the event a bull falls down, he must fall in a way that inhibits the contestant in an unfair manor. Judges will have final say
4)  Re-ride option must be offered if any one judge has determined that the Bull bucked has not met the standards or consistancy of the that events pen of bulls that have all ready been bucked. The Rider must accept or turn down the re-ride option before the next bull is bucked. 
 5) note: any ruling made by the judging team at that time will be official.

8) Stock Contractors/ Producers: 
All Bull Fighters,Stock Contractors, and Judges must be in good standings. (8-6-10)

8A) Bullfighters/ Judges:                     
1)  Stock contractors/Producers must use a min of 2 Bullfighters. In the event of a co-sanctioned event with the PRCA – PRCA Bullfighters may be used

Qualification for Year End Championship Awards : Rider must qualify to the Finals via regular season points system and be card holding member, A Rider has to purchase his/her card during the calendar year and be in the Tour Standings (01/01/YEAR to 12/31/YEAR)

If you rode on a permit all year and then purchase your SSBR Card at the SSBR Finals you are NOT eligible for any year end awards- (SSBR CHAMPION, ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, Etc.) You are only eligible for money and awards earned at the SSBR Finals Event and can win the Finals Event but that is all.

 8B) Safety:

1)  Any SSBR event will not start without an Ambulance present. If a stock contractor/producer starts an event without an Ambulance present, there will be a $250.00 fine.

2) In the event a show is canceled all SSBR members, judges, bullfighters, etc. must be contacted with in 48 Hours. If this does not take place, stock contractor/ producer be fined $250.00

8C) Stock contractor/ Producer Employees: 

Stock Contractor/Producers are responsible for the actions of their employees. This being stated, the Stock Contractor/Producer will be fined if any rule is broken by their employees. This includes Pick-up Men, hired help in the back pens, Flank Men, etc.
8D) Animal Welfare:

1) Any livestock brought to any SSBR event that is deemed injured will not be allowed to compete at that event. Any producer or stock contractor that knowingly allows an injured animal to compete will be fined up to $500.00 and/or suspended indefinitely

2)  Any stock contractors or persons handling livestock at any SSBR sanctioned event must abide by any and all state laws regarding animal welfare. Anyone who has been found guilty of any state laws regarding cruelty to livestock will not be allowed a membership into the SSBR nor will be allowed to have any involvement with any SSBR sanctioned events pertaining to the handling of livestock. Anyone found violating any state laws regarding mistreatment of livestock will be fined up to $500.00 and/or suspension.

3) Electronic Devices will not be allowed on any livestock while in the bucking chute. Electronic devices may only be allowed in cases where the safety of a human or animal is in need.
8E) Bullfighters:
1) A Bullfighter must contact the Stock Contractor/Producer within 48 hours of an event if they are unable to make it. If the Bullfighter fails to do so, he will be fined $250.00 and 1 month suspension.
8F) Judging Criteria:
1) Both judges are required to carry stop watches on each side of the arena. In the event of a questionable call, the judge on the latch side of the chute will have the final say.

2) The judge on the latch side of the chute will start the time when the bull’s shoulder breaks the plain of the chute.

3) Judges will score a bull’s performance 1-25 and the rider 1-25 for a possible total of 50 points from each judge and a total of 100 points combined judges’ scores.

4) Open spots in a short round will be determined by the official judges prior to the event, riders and event offcials will be notified before the start of the event as well. The two approved options are random draw or by official time of each ride.

5) If a back judge is used then they will be responsible for the official time and any chute box disqualifications, fouls, or any other rider disqualifications. If the back judge’s clock malfunctions, then the latch side judge will be the official time.

6) A judge has the discretion to issue a fine at any time he feels necessary. SSBR Directors and Arena Directors are also granted the right to do so.
7) Note: The SSBR will assign one official from the SSBR to act as the head official/Back Judge for that Event and will be granted the authority to make or over ride any and all decisions made by the Field Judges in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the SSBR.
9) Miscellaneous:

9A) Points System:
1) The points system is as follows:
Ø  1st place receives 200 points

Ø  2nd place receives 150 points

Ø  3rd place receives 100 points

Ø  4th place receives 50 points
Ø The rider’s score
For example – regular season -A rider scores 80 points and takes 1st place; his/her points will be as follows: 80 + 200 – 280 points
 Finals Event- (if the above example occurrs at the SSBR Finals then the total 280 would be doubled 280 x 2 + total ponts 560 will be added to the year end points to determine the SSBR Tour Champion based on qualifications - ref to rule 9 (1) and 1A
* the rider will only recieve points for place they finish in.

SSBR Finals event points system (double points appy to the the Final Events) 

9B) Probationary Contestant Status (PCS)

1. If any member /permit contestant has any non paid fines due to (turn outs) to the SSBR he or she may call into any SSBR sanctioned event on a Probationary Contestant Status(PCS

Definition of Probationary Contestant Status: Any SSBR Contestant competing with outstanding fines to the SSBR.note this rule will be applied at the descretion of the SSBR

2. Guidelines of the Probationary Sta
a.  PCS must call in during the official SSBR call in times.
b.  PCS will then be dropped to the bottom of the call in list based on the order he or she called into that specific event.
c.  PCS will then be contacted back at the conclusion of the call in by an official of the SSBR to be advised if he/she will be able to attend that specific event.
d.  If the PCS is allowed to ride at that event he/she will be subject to signing a contract prior to entering that event stating that you, the contestant, will understand that if you win any prize money at that event or any future events under the Probationary Status will be subject to paying the event secretary up to the amount owed to the SSBR.
e.  If a rider enters under the PCS and commits any violation set by the SSBR he/she will be subject to additional fines up to a suspension.
f.  When the fine is paid in full under the PCS then he/she will be given back full Card status and be eligible to compete as a Card Member and regain all rights set by the SSBR for Card Members. Permit Riders will retain the right to enter events as permitted under the Permit Status of the SSBR.
g.  The PCS rule does not apply for the SSBR Tour Finals.

(all fines must be paid in full for any rider to attend the SSBR   Finals Event or Qualify for a Championship) added (10-5-10)                  


9C Payout:
0 - 10 riders      3 holes are paid (50%, 30%, 20%)
11 or more        5 holes are paid (40%, 30%, 15%, 10%, 5%)

> in the results of two qualified rides, the pay out will revert to a 60%, 40% payout         
9D) Sanctioning:

1) All sanctioned events must use experienced personnel, in order to maintain a professional standard.
2) Min. added money per event : $1000  revised 1/1/2012
9E) Dress Code:

1) All contestant, stock contractors, producers, employees, etc must, prior to the start of a SSBR event, be dressed in a long or short sleeve collared button up shirt, cowboy hat, jeans, and boots.

2) All contestants must be wearing a long sleeve collared button up shirt while competing.

3) Any person that chooses not to do so will be fined $50.00

*If any incident is not found in the SSBR Rules/Regulation at the time the incident occures the assigned Judges or an SSBR Official for that event will make a majority decision ,and that will be made official at that time. The Judges will be responsible for advising the SSBR of the Incident and it will be the responsiblity of the SSBR to create a rule specific for that particular incident to be official when revised date is set.




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