Micheal Riggs wins SSBR Bull Riding at Silver Spurs Rodeo / Kissimmee,FL.

     Well another great rodeo and SSBR Bull riding at the Silver Spurs arena.
     Silver Spurs started with a opening Honoring Wounded Warriors of the Military. The men and women who have fought for our freedom rode out on horse back and were greeted and welcomed with a standing ovation from the crowd. It was a great way to start a great event. One of the best pen of bulls all year were on hand to thrill the almost sell out crowd and give the bull riders all they could handle. The Silver Spurs club and Rockin DC Cattle brought the heat. PRCA Extreme bull rider and SSBR star Michael Riggs won the event with a 82 on Silver Spurs bull K86. Riggs had the bull drawn at the SSBR in Bunnell, Fl about a month ago and despite 3 good efforts he could not get out on the bull so he was offered a re-ride, Riggs was disappointed because he said the bull was a really good draw. Now I see why he was disappointed. He comes back a month later and wins an event on K86. After the ride was over bullfighter Chaz Fish stepped in to make a clean getaway for Riggs and then went to the barrel thinking K86 had left him, well he was right behind him and threw Chaz about 10 feet in the air and then caught him and threw him again thrilling the crowd. Chaz walked away and was ready for the next bull. Veteran and SSBR Wildman Ricky Ringer came in 2nd on Silver Spurs K93. Ricky made a great ride and was a fan favorite. National Finals Rodeo Barrel man Robbie Hodges had a "Ringer" chant going to pump up the veteran bull rider. Rookie and hometown favorite Jesse Petri was third with a wild ride on Spurs +2-8. The bull made big leaps and high jumps across the arena and was a crowd favorite. Also at the event and a crowd favorite were the future stars of the bull riding world in the JR bull riding. These kids have a lot of try and get on some rank young bulls from Scott Williams and the future looks good. The JR bull riders will also be featured at the 2014 SSBR Finals In Palmetto, Fl Jan 30,31 2015. The next stop on the SSBR Tour will be June 27,28 at Davie,Fl at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds, and back to Kissimmee Fl June 27 to SUHLS ARENA(also known as KISIMMEE SPORTS ARENA) for the Top Hand Series Bull Riding produced by Rockin DC Cattle . The SSBR would like to thank Alice Wooten Ramsey for her personalized hospitality room inside the locker room, Alice makes home made pound cake and has ribs and drinks and coffee for the contestants and it is a welcome site after being on the road .
Injury Report from Kissimmee

Anderson Alancar: suffered a few broken ribs, split spleen and bruised kidney and some hip fractures as he was dismounting his bull he was kicked in the air. He is recovering at the Hospital and expected to be released this week.
Josh Brown suffered a bad break in his arm and will have surgery today will be out of competition for a while.
No other injuries to report
Stock Contractors
Silver Spurs Club
Rockin DC Cattle
Chaz Fish
John Copsy
Silver Spurs
Micheal Riggs Claxton,Ga 82
Ricky RInger Davie,FL. 79
Jesse Petri Geneva,FL. 72

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