The 2nd stop on the SSBR Tour before the summer break was in Kissimmee Florida at Suhls Arena. Dusty Calderon and Rockin DC Cattle and Land had the first of two events in the Top Hand Series bull riding. The rider with the most points at the two events will receive a custom buckle. The second event is on Sept 27, 2014 at Suhls Arena. The SSBR bull riders did some old school traveling this past weekend going to 2 SSBR events is the same day. The first stop was in Davie Florida on Friday morning for a 10 am performance, then some of the same riders got in there trucks and drove the 3 hours to Kissimmee Florida for the Friday night performance at 8pm. When that was over they drove back to Davie for Saturday night performance, some of the riders who made it back to the short round in Kissimmee and were entered in Davie got on 4 or 5 bulls in  24 hours. They were entered in the PRCA and the SSBR. It was good to see the bull riders have that old school desire to travel and enter 3 events in 2 days.

      In Kissimmee Rockin DC, 5S Bucking Bulls (Swint Family) and Steve Whaley Bucking Bulls brought the rank pen. Even though we had a 2 hour rain storm right before the show the bulls performed really well and there were 6 qualified rides in the long round. It was like going back to the old days of bull riding. you had the mud and the Florida heat and humidity but it did not put a damper on the show. It was a great night of bull riding and Veteran Michael Riggs was the Champion of the first Top Hand Series event. Riggs rode War Games of 5S Bulls for 84 points in the long round.  Michael Riggs in slowly climbing up the standings in the SSBR  and is on his way to being at the top of the leader board going into the 2014 SSBR Finals. We still have the 2nd half of the Season left so anything can happen. Going from the Veteran Riggs to the Rookie and 2013 River Ranch Bull Riding Champion up and coming talent Nick Kazmar. Nick placed 2nd at the event with a 82.5 point ride on Steve Whaleys bull Q tip.  Nick always puts out a great effort and it is good to see a young guy like that try and walk away with a nice paycheck. The future looks good for Nick. Veterans Jimmy Lathero and Wagner Luciano finished 3rd and 4th at the event. Rookie Jessi Petri finished 5th with a 80 point ride on Rockin DC bull Pull the Trigger and Lucas Manning rounded out the field with a 6th place finish. There were no Qualified rides in the short round. The fans watched some great rides and braved the weather to watch a good night of bull riding. Rockin DC put on a good show and the SSBR had a great first half of the season and we will see you in September for the 2nd half of the 2014 SSBR Tour.

1 Michael Riggs 84
2 Nick Kazmar 82.5
3 Jimmy Lathero 82
4 Wagner Luciano 81
5 Jesse Petri 80
6 Lucas Manning 71

Jan. 2/ Okeechobee 2016
Jan/ Homestead,Fl. 2016
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April 4,5,6 / Brighton,FL./2014
May 10 / Bunnell,Fl./2014
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June 27,28 / Davie,FL./2014
Sept 1/ Okeechobee,FL./2014
Sept 6/ Davie,Fl./2014
Sept 12,13/ Hamilton,Ga./2014
Oct. 10 / Okeechobee,Fl./2014
Oct. 17,18/ Indiantown.Fl/2014
Oct. 24/ Pierson,FL/2014
Nov. 21,22/ Inverness,FL/2014
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