The SSBR returned to Davie Florida to the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds to a sell out crowd of over 5000 Bull riding fans.
Brazilian Anderson Alancar is coming back from a serious injury he had earlier this year in Kissimmee Florida. Some riders that plays a big factor when it comes to the mental aspect of the sport. For Anderson it seems to be the best thing that happened to him. He has won or placed at every bull riding he has entered since returning from his injury. Anderson proposed to his fiancée in the arena before the bull riding(she said yes) and then 10 minutes later rode his bull from 5 Star Rodeo Company for 87 points to win the event. Anderson is focused and riding really well. There are 4 more events left in the 2014 SSBR season and they are all part of the SSBR Iron Man Tour so Anderson can make up some ground for the events that he had to sit out earlier this year.
Entering the event with 2 separate entries was veteran and the ageless Brian Courson. Brian once again proved why he is a former SSBR Tour Champion and SSBR Finals Champion and past PBR finals qualifier. Courson rode his first bull for 83 points and his second bull for 78 points to finish 2nd and 3rd and taking home a nice paycheck and moving up in the standings. Brian had his 8 year old son Colton with him and Colton has a calf riding buckle already so the future looks good for the Courson household in the bull riding.
Newcomer Andrew Holmes rode his first bull in the SSBR to place 4th and it was great to see him put out a good effort. They call him "short cod" because Andrew is about 4 feet tall but Saturday night in Davie he was 10 foot tall and bullet proof after it covering his bull and it was great to see. That will boost his confidence for upcoming SSBR events.
The Weekly Brothers Pro Rodeo put on a great show, Davie is always a great stop on the SSBR Tour. Thank you to Jennifer and all the staff at GRIFFS WESTERN in Davie and all the sponsors that make Davie a great event. If you are in Davie make sure and stop at GRIFFS WESTERN for your western wear. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Iron Man Tour events starting in Hamilton Georgia with the 4L Rodeo Company. Congratulations to all the bull riders this weekend and see you in Hamilton Ga.
(Injury Report) Matt Wolyson suffered a broken arm when he hung up to his bull. Matt is out of surgery and resting at home. There were no other injuries in Davie.

Anderson Alencar 87
Brian Courson (1) 83
Brian Courson (2) 78
Andrew Holmes 70

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