The SSBR made its fourth stop on "Ride for Chad Smith Tour" in Moore Haven Florida. The Ranch rodeo and SSBR Bull riding are part of the Chalo Nitka Festival which celebrated its 67th year this year. The SSBR is glad to be part of another great tradition and festival here in Florida.
     Matt Davis and the entire ALL volunteer staff do a great job for the Glades County 4H and youth in Glades County and the SSBR is honored to be a part of helping our youth. It was standing room only crowds each night at the rodeo, despite rain on Saturday night all the great fans came out to support the event and raise a lot of money. The fans got to see some traditional ranching work but done in in a competition form by Ranch Rodeo teams from around Glades County. It is always good entertainment and goes back to the roots of how rodeo and Bull riding got started. Seth Louthan of Okeechobee was the Stock Contractor and as always the bulls were very entertaining. Seth has what we call "old school" rodeo bulls that will hook just about anything and they buck. They are noted for being mean and a lot of guys today do not want to get on these type of bulls, my hat is off to all the riders that entered. The Fans got to see some great rides.
     The bulls bucked really good and Bull fighters Lane Reid and World Champion Ross Hill did a great job protecting the riders.
Indian National Finals bull rider Kelton Smedley of the Seminole Tribe Of Florida won the event with a 85 point ride on bull #111. Kelton made a nice ride and had a entertaining dismount to thrill the sell out crowd. Kelton won a nice buckle and moved up in the SSBR standings. Second place was 2014 SSBR Champion Anderson Alancar. Anderson drove from Jacksonville Florida as a alternate and ending up getting in the event and it paid off. He has been riding with a torn growing and that is a very painful injury to have. Third place was the Veteran and 2012 SSBR Champion Brian Courson. Brian made a nice ride on bull #30 of Seths Louthans and he also moved up in the standings. Rookie Ern Bob Courson (Not related to Brian) was 4th with a nice ride on Friday night. It is good to see the young guys coming up and the to see the older generation still riding well.
     Thank You to Matt Davis and Glades County for putting on a great event and staying with the roots that started it all. Chalo Nitka is old fashion good Family entertainment and we look forward to next year. The next stops on The Ride For Chad Smith Tour are in Fort Myers Florida, March 20,21 and Lake City Florida, March 20,21,22, then on to Nashville Ga March 27,28. See you all there.
Kelton Smedley Okeechobee,Florida 85
Anderson Alencar Xambre,Brazil 83
Brian Courson Auburndale,Florida 81
Ern Bob Courson Okeechobee,Fl. 79

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