Each of the past and current SSBR Presidents have been very fortunate to have had great supporting cast over the years. Many of whom are still involved and carry on the traditions of team work and dedication the SSBR was founded on. The SSBR will always strive for excellence, which has been a shared goal throughout SSBR.
Byron McIntosh
Byron was selected as the SSBR's 4th President in 2010 and brought with him an elite standard of Professionalism, Integrity and Fairness to the Sport. see more
Donnie Newman
Donnie Newman developed many of the Rules and Regulations you see today in the SSBR. Known for is commitment to the riders, Newman being experienced as a Pro Bull Rider himself, he was able to develop many great programs to benifit the Riders of the SSBR.
Chris Forrest
As one of the original co-founders of the SSBR, Forrest focused mostly on developing programs for the contract personel; Bull Fighters, Stock, Judges, etc. Forrest developed clinics and schools to further the careers of many.
Carl Sellitti Jr.
As the original Co-Founder of the SSBR from its inception, Sellitti was tasked with developing the foundation of the Organization which currently stand to this day.

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